Recovery Toolbox for ZIP (download) is one of the most efficient data recovery tools and services, designed for the decompression of corrupted WinZip files. This program runs on virtually any computer so you may easily get back all compressed documents despite the root cause of software issue. It is much easier than any other file compression tool, all controls are really intuitive and you can start the process of data recovery as soon as this software is installed on your PC. Recovery Toolbox for ZIP analyzes and repairs any damage to zip documents, occurred with any document, stored on your own computer, or downloaded from the Internet.

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How to repair zip file?

Recovery Toolbox for ZIP recovers any type of packed document with zip extension, it does not matter which file compression software was used to create the archive in question. This tool has a great number of useful features, started automatically using the smart data recovery engine, implemented in Recovery Toolbox for ZIP:

  • decompresses self-extracting archives
  • enables support to the processing of large archives, more than 2 gigabytes without changing the settings of selected data recovery tool
  • repairs CRC checksums and fixes damaged documents within a short range of time, but please note the speed of analysis depends on the performance of your own computer, it may run slower on older computers
  • works with virtually any file of WinZip format
  • easy to use
  • compatible with any version of Microsoft Windows, starting from 98

Besides repairing all documents in batch, this WinZip repair tool extracts recovered file from archive one by one, so you may evaluate the results of analysis, check the efficiency of file list preview for selecting which items to save and move to the decompression. Before extracting the data from already analyzed archive, you may first display a possibility of file recovering: good/poor/bad and select only undamaged documents that were checked by Recovery Toolbox for ZIP as good. Keep in mind this software is compatible with Windows 98 and other supported versions of specified OS, including Windows 2000, Windows ME, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10, so there are no known compatibility issues.

Recovery Toolbox for ZIP fixes data corruption problems and repair zip files as soon as any problem occurs. Errors can be caused by CRC errors, viruses, invalid user activities, download issues, file system errors and other issues. The process of corrupt zip repair can be launched within a minute after the first start of zip file recovery process, depending on the speed of computer in use.

The way of repair zip file, provided by Recovery Toolbox for ZIP, allows retrieving corrupted information from WinZip archives and permits zip fix despite the state of input document. Zip repairing application guarantees the highest efficiency in any software configuration, moreover it is so easy that all data recovery activities can be performed intuitively without reading the manuals of zip file repair tool.

Recovery Toolbox for ZIP easily resolves trouble repairing zip file and evaluates the state of input document in all cases, just wait until the process of recovery file zip is completed and spend some time, evaluating the results of repair file zip, Recovery Toolbox for ZIP provides the evaluation of all files so you may check if fix zip file is really possible in your case.

Requirements: Windows 98 or above

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